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• Duration: 1 - 2 hours
• Zanzibar Scuba Diving : Experience diving in Zanzibar’s crystal blue waters and white sand beaches
• Zanzibar Scuba Diving Course: Discover Scuba Dive including manual & certification
• PADI 5* Dive Resort


Theory and practice in shallow water followed by one or more open water dives to maximum depth of 12 m. Easy and enjoyable introduction to diving. Discover Zanzibar Scuba Diving - is the beginning of the way how to learn to dive, if you enjoyed the DSD then you can join the Open Water Course.



The coral reefs surrounding Zanzibar are home to a over 400 different types of reef fish, turtles, dolphins, and other marine life. Humpback whales migrate from July to October. The inviting Indian Ocean surrounding Zanzibar has an average water temperature is 27°C and visibility of 10 – 40 metres.

Zanzibar is a paradise for everyone: the macro life lovers, underwater photographers, adventurers, beginning divers, snorkelers… Watch the green turtles cruise the current of the ocean, or the dolphins play in the azure waters surrounding the boat, or the small colourful nudibranchs on a beautiful variety of corals.

Whether you are looking to make fun dives on some of the beautiful dive sites around the island, or become a (more experienced) diver with our array of diving courses, or take a snorkeling trip to see Zanzibar’s underwater world from the surface – you will be amazed!

We also try to give a little back to the beautiful oceans, by organizing Clean up Dives as much as we can! You will dive for free while helping us clean the reef from all kinds of debris. Ask us when the next dive will be and help us save the oceans – one dive at a time! All the items we collect are registered on the website of Project AWARE, to help them gather information to tackle the issue of marine debris.



Experience Zanzibar Scuba Diving - crystal blue waters and pristine white beaches. Explore over 25 different dive sites of the north coast of Zanzibar with a variety of abundant, vibrant, colourful corals and marine life. Zanzibar Scuba Diving is one of the very few uniquely combined yoga and dive centers in the world. We offer free optional breathing technique classes to improve your air consumptions to enjoy a more relaxed dive. 

Enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters of Zanzibar, close to the reefs and view an array of coral and colorful fish in the safety of our experienced snorkel guides. Lifejackets and buoyancy aids available. We offer snorkeling trips to Mnemba Atoll, a marine park, which is a day trip with lunch included. There is also shorter snorkeling trips to Kendwa or Tumbatu Island.

Zanzibar is reputed to have some of the best scuba diving in the world and the coral reef structures that surround all the island ensure that the marine life is abundant. 

Depths of most reefs range between 10m to 20m
Water temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and visibility of 10m to 30m



English, Spanish, Hebrew



January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December


Required Information and Documents   

Certification Card, Date of birth, Date of last dive, Number of dives


Equipment Descriptions

All our equipment is recently purchased Mares equipment, the only fully stock Mares Dive Center in East Africa.



Bar, Classrooms, Coffee bar, Lounge, Parking, Pool, Shower, WC, Wi-Fi


Non Diving Activities

Come join us for an early morning yoga session on the beach side before your dive, or a sunset Paddle Board session after, combined with some tough love yoga coaching to really work on your balance from our lovely Marisa.



Mnemba Atoll (lunch included) $30
Big Wall $30
Tumbatu/Levenbank $10
Night Dive $20


Mnemba - $45
Tumbatu - $35
Kendwa -$25


Fusion Yoga & Diving

Yoga Ashtanga $20 per lesson - 08:00-09:30 & 17:30-19:00

What is the link between diving and yoga?

Yoga and scuba diving are both forms of meditative movement which focus on breath synchronized movement. The breath and mind is interlinked, thus if we can control our breathing we can control the mind.
Trough controlled breathing the mind becomes calm and relaxed and our breathing rate becomes slower which leads to better air consumption while diving and a longer bottom time and improved quality of our dive.
Once relaxed and calm while diving we tend to enter a natural meditative state of mind, being in the present moment which is the same as when practising yoga – entering a meditative state of mind.

The quality and enjoyment of our dive is directly affected by our breathing rate:

Controlled Breathing

The calmer we are during the dive

The slower our breathing rate

The better our air consumption

The longer bottom time and improved quality of our dive



Additional services are available as add-ons during the purchase process.

Policy & Terms

Zanzibar Scuba Diving Course. Organized by: Div Dive

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  • Training/Practice Session
  • PADI Scuba Diving


  •     Accommodation    
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